This is an email exchange from an angry customer. It links from our complaints page as it is too lengthy to put there.

This customer did not buy anything. They did not order because they did not like the shipping rate.

Only the first complaint is on the complaints and compliments page.

This customer used some foul language and this page includes their contact email information at the bottom.

If you are easily offended please do not read further.

Since they are taking the step of publically defaming us we are not withholding their contact information.

Customer is red, our response is blue.

Maybe you would of got our order if you didn’t rip people off with 8.45 priority when it cost less than 6.00 up to 4 lbs. loser


Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback! Less of course your rude "loser" addition.

We do not rip people off with shipping. There is no process for shipping light bulbs with the post office where four pounds is $6.00. I have no idea where you got that incorrect information, was that a guess? There may be a media rate that does this to some zip codes but light bulbs cannot be shipped as media mail. You would not want them treated as media mail and the post office does not approve light bulbs as media product.

The $5.35 box for flat rate shipping is only a 1-5/8" thick box so not sufficient to protect glass in shipping. The medium flat rate box rate is $11.35 so you would be especially disappointed if we quoted you flat rate shipping. We do not use First Class mail but if we did anything over 13 ounces must go Priority Mail and, packed right, almost any light bulb will be 13 ounces with packaging. Shipping insurance is $1.80 and our packing fee is $1.25 so $5.35 flat rate would be $8.40 and in a smaller box than we use to protect your product.

The $8.45 you were quoted is the actual cost of Priority Mail shipping to your postal code, shipping insurance and $1.25 for a packing and handling fee. We do not make money on shipping. We lose money on shipping, we do not collect enough in shipping and handling to pay our shipping and handling bills, so the handling fee does not cover the cost of handling your package.

The $8.45 covers up to one pound and up to $50.00 of insurance. I have no idea what you were interested in purchasing or how much it costs because you provided nothing but the shipping rate you were quoted. Perhaps you could have ordered a spare or more while you were at it for the same shipping rate.

We lose money on orders under $20.00 because our profit on the orders is less than the cost of processing the orders. Unlike many other companies who have minimum orders we allow customers to purchase smaller orders even though we do not profit from those orders. While we could create a first class mail option for really small miniatures we would lose money on all the orders for which we create cheap shipping so it does not make good sense for us to do so.

I ordered a $15.00 small, less than a pound, ballast from on Saturday and they have a $25.00 minimum order so I ordered another part to get over the $25.00 minimum. They charged me $9.86 for shipping. I ordered the extra part and paid the shipping without sending them a pointed email. I understand the cost of doing business.

We could offer free shipping as a gimmick. Shipping is not free and we cannot lose money, nor can anyone who wants to remain in business, so we could do what other people do and build the shipping into the price of the product. This would make purchasing a small quantity cost you the same, higher product price and lower shipping, and make you feel good about the shipping. The problem is that we would be less competitive in volume. I can explain this in detail if the math is not obvious to you and you request it. I had a conversation with a local business owner and he was of the position that he would only purchase where he found free shipping. We studied what he was purchasing and he was actually paying more than he would have if he did not have this crazy policy.

Ultimately you have to make purchases that are the best for you. I am sorry you were disappointed in our shipping rates and hope you find the product you are seeking for a lower delivered price from someone who, like us, has top quality merchandise and provides excellent service.



Glass, where is glass, up your ass..I wasn’t ordering glass, I was ordering a 1” x 2” ballast and I ship stamps all over the world every day, I will bet my life, way more package that you do as we are the 3rd largest stamp dealer in the world with shipping of almost 500k packages a year and yes, this can be placed in a bubble envelope and shipped with track and insurance for less than 5.00 so save your stories for the public library. I am sure I will find a reasonable company that doesn’t try to make profit on shipping

I will make sure I post in classifieds and  Facebook and all over the net, your reply to shove people based on your letter, you clearly profit from shipping costs or you would ship first class and people should stay away from you

"Note to Allison. If this customer orders a ballast, or anything else for that matter, please refuse their order and refund their money."


You have not been so kind as to communicate in person. What is your name?

Where did you say in your communication that you were ordering a ballast? We only sell one ballast type. Almost every order we sell is light bulbs so it is generally assumed that customers are ordering light bulbs, unless otherwise specified, which are in fact made out of glass. I was wrong to assume but it makes no difference to the shipping policy or rates. You could not have known that we sell light bulbs and I understand; you were less understanding that I did not know you were considering ordering a ballast. Your only clue that we sell light bulbs was that you were considering ordering from

The ballast is not 1" x2". If you read the page where you found that ballast you would know that you are providing incorrect information. It does not really matter.

You are rude and use bad language. Please consider a polite back and forth communication instead of being an ass? It is apparent that you are angry and it seems a trifling thing to get so worked up over. If you do not like the price just do not buy. What do you expect to happen here, we will change our policy to make you happy to reward you for being an ass?

We do not ship anything in a bubble envelope. Items shipped in a padded envelope can be crushed. If you are a person who ships you should know as well as I do that it would be a poor choice. You ship how you like and if you order from us we are going to pack correctly so that what you order from us arrives safely. In this case the ballast is in a metal box so would probably be ok in a padded envelope. We do not intend to set up a new shipping system for this one product.

Please purchase from another company. We are able to help people every day and we enjoy our jobs. At the same time we are happy to refuse to serve rude people, which you have so effectively shown yourself to be.

I already posted your original comment on our compliments and complaints page here:

I would have to edit the bad language to put your latest email there. Loser is rude but not bad language, ass is bad language and I never use it unless responding to someone who prefers that kind of communication as you apparently do.

Please do not order the ballast from us. We are not offended if you do not like our shipping policy but I would not be so bold at to tell you what your shipping policies will be. I appreciate feedback and the opportunity to address concerns. I regret to inform you that we are not changing our shipping policy to please you.

I do not appreciate your telling me that I am lying about the shipping costs and the fact that we do not profit on shipping. I explained what you were paying to us down to the cent. I would not have and have not lied to you. Your inference is offensive as is your overall demeanor. Why are you making such as issue of the $2.45 to $3.45 difference between the $5.00 to $6.00 estimates you supplied for the shipping rate. You do realize that you are not purchasing stamps from us? We are not trying to force you to purchase anything.

If it were not for the fact that I have informed sales not to accept your order I would have suggested that you pretend that the ballast is $21.40 and the shipping is free then you would have nothing to complain about. Or the issue I explained before about quantity you could have pretended that the ballasts were $17.18 each with free shipping if you were purchasing two. Of course if we offered free shipping and sold the ballasts for $21.40 then a person ordering two ballasts would be paying $8.45 too much, but they would be happy with the shipping rate.



Fuck you and the dirty cunt, I wasn’t planning on ordering anything from you asshole and your comments are already all over social networks and classifieds ads on auto submission, you’re a crook and profit from shipping like a fucking loser because you don’t know how to make money on small orders loser

Hello William without the courage to provide your name,

They had already pulled your name and contact information before I asked you for your name. I just wanted to know if you were a coward or had the testicular fortitude to represent yourself. Coward was the answer!

Right back at you! I will provide you with the link when I am done. (Right back at you refers not just to the online postings but to your sentiments.)

You talk like you are in charge of a multimillion dollar business but you write with the maturity of a middle school boy. All this over a couple of dollars, seems kind of stupid doesn't it? It seems that way because it is.

You can post anything you like that is true. At this point I am just putting our exchange online on our website for our customers to see. If you lie and slander our business we have the capacity to do the same to you through any media you choose in which to do so.

Ron is this customers email address. We found their name, address, photo and phone numbers online but for now will not post the information.